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?14 Sep 2017 Public Meeting in Sheffield Town Hall on 27th September from 11.00am – 1.00pm. Consultation documents: here.
13 Nov 2016 RASC AGM 2016
13 Nov 2016 Annual Report 2016
2 April 2014 On 20/March/2014, East Midlands Trains introduced human barriers again at the station. Here is a press release from us.
1 Nov 2013 Footfall survey for October 2013. Key points : There has been a small reduction in recorded numbers of people using the station, down to 36,983. The number passing through was noted as 2,647 or 6.7%
23 Oct 2013 RASC always refuted the DFT/ East Midland Trains argument that barriers at Sheffield Station were justified by the level of income lost through fare dodging. The “data” offered to support their case was never validated. On 26th August 2013, Michael Holden of Chairman of East Coast Tweeted that barriers at Kings Cross are often left open because “We have found thru experience insufficient income at risk to justify full time operation” (barriers must be staffed when they are in use). (See press comments here and here).
His comments have presumably left some red faces in the DFT and make a nonsense of all the letters we have received from various Government Ministers over the years about the financial imperative to install barriers at Sheffield Station.
26 Sep 2013 Keith Hayman: obituary. Environmentalist and artist Keith made a massive contribution to the success of the campaign.
1 Jan 2013 December 2012 Update
20 Dec 2012 South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive confirm to RASC that Net Work Rail has now received a design brief from the Department for Transport in respect of a second pedestrian bridge. We understand that Net Work Rail has been asked to explore several options. SYPTE has asked for sight of the brief to share with RASC as part of it’s commitment to community consultation on this work
7 Oct 2012 SYPTE Annual Footfall Survey data. Key points : Number of pedestrians passing through the station remains steady at around 3000 per day. Massive increase in rail users using the station.
16 Jul 2012 Announcement that Midland Mainline to be electrified. (The current Goods bridge is too low to accommodate overhead power lines.)
7 April 2012 Press release. 'In our view the Secretary of State’s offer of £3m for a second bridge north of the station, is to do with the Department for Transport’s determination to gate the existing bridge ... '
29 Feb 2012 DFT (Department for Transport) offer to build new bridge. Notes on our meeting with Secretary of State for Transport, and an update on this meeting.
14 Feb 2012 Info about the parliamentary debate, with RASC responses.
14 Jan 2012 Economic value of railway stations underestimated? Read the report commissioned by Network Rail.
9 Dec 2011

Parliamentary Debate 14th December

Paul Blomfield has arranged a debate next Wednesday, 14th December.

Paul is keen to use his speech to highlight examples from people in Sheffield about why maintaining pedestrian access through the station is so important to them. Please get in touch with Paul and tell him your reasons for keeping this route open. You can either contact Paul at or via his facebook page at or at

15 Oct 2011 Letter confirming unanimous Council Motion on 5th October. Page 1 Page 2
14 Oct 2011 Support in Labour Listens - Sheffield newsletter
13 Oct 2011 News Update
31 July 2011

the Department for Transport (DfT) continues the push for gates - the campaign goes on. Contrary to the headline in a June Sheffield Star article, "Victory for bridge access campaign", which may have fooled some people into thinking the campaign has been won, our goal has not yet been achieved.

New developments at the DfT show that government mandarins are still intent on gating the station bridge. Transport Secretary, Phillip Hammond, stated in a recent letter to Nick Clegg MP, copied to the campaign that he was "keen to ensure that they [gates] are installed at Sheffield station."

30 July 2011

South Street Park Launch scheduled for Sat 17 September

South Street Park is the recently-completed park at the back of the station. It includes an outdoor amphitheatre and steps leading from the station bridge up the hill to the local community. The park’s success vitally depends on free access across the bridge.

A launch is planned for Saturday 17 September, involving musical and dance events, stalls and speeches. There will be a procession from somewhere in the city centre to the park to convey the connection between the city and the park. The procession is to be organised by RASC but everyone involved in the launch is invited to participate in a carnival-style event. Details to follow.

1 June 2011 Unanimous Council vote to keep the bridge open. See Agenda here.
19th Dec 2010 Video mashup - dance to this!
17th Dec 2010 Carol-singing for EMT: Carols , More Carols, , More Carols , More Carols .
5th Nov 2010 EMT get an ASBO! - Press release here . Watch: video 1 and video 2
13 Jan 2011 At an earlier Transport Sub Committee meeting ( 9th September 2010) the group voted to start of the Right of Way process and this was followed up by a Highway Committee meeting decision on 13th January 2011.
14 Sept 2010 Press Release: East Midlands Trains are increasing the frequency of “human barriers” that block the pedestrian footbridge. Residents Against Station Closure were appalled to learn that 45 people who were "cautioned" trying to cross the bridge at Sheffield Station on 2nd September. Read more here.
5 July 2010 EMT (East Midland Trains) again prevented pedestrians without train tickets from walking across the station bridge. The struggle continues!
12th April 2010 GREAT NEWS - 12th April - Lord Adonis, the Government Transport Secretary, announced to RASC reps that he had agreed with East Midlands Trains that there would be no further consideration of ticket barriers at the station until a new public bridge across the station had been built.
19th March EMT to re-apply for barriers. Demo on Friday 19th March.
Feb 10 EMT use human barriers, and say they will install machines
23 Nov 09 REJECTED! Planning Board unanimously REJECTED East Midlands Trains proposal to install barriers at the station. Furthermore, the chairperson, Councillor Tim Rippon, advised EMT that they shouldn't bother appealing against this decision.
Oct-Nov 09 Massive number of objections to EMT's plans to modify the bridge are lodged on the coucil's website
Oct 09 Paul Blomfield, Labour's Parliamentary Candidate for Sheffield Central asks Lord Adonis to keep bridge open.
Oct 09 BBC A tale of two bridges Oct 2009
Oct 09 Lib Dems Oct 2009
30 Sept 09 Lord Adonis Cyle Hub at station announcement
Sept 09 videos
22 Sept 09 EMT applies for listed building consent
17 Sept 09 Transport Minister Chris Mole visits station
20 Aug 09 Uploaded Council DVD to Youtube.
17 July 09 Protest and entertainment event at station
10 June 09 Lord Adonis replaces Geoff Hoon as Transport Minister. See 30th April article below.
20 May 09 Demo - 150 people walked back and forth over the bridge. Reports:
21 May 09 - Sheffield Telegraph - Rail station path demo gathers steam...
21 May 09 - Sheffield Telegraph - Second bridge revelation after Sheffield station protest....
May 09 Yorkshire Post May 2009
8 May 09 Rail company closes Sheffield station pedestrian through route. Read more... Sheffield Telegraph
7 May 09 Station ticket checks spark row. Read more... BBC South Yorkshire
7 may 09 - Sheffield Telegraph - A disaster for Park Hill flats...
7 May 2009 Should this be the face of Sheffield in 2009? Read more... Sheffield Star
May 09 Paul Scriven May 2009
6 May 2009 Hundreds turned away as station bridge shut. Read more... Sheffield Star
1 May 09 Council May 2009-Human barriers
30 April 2009 30 April 09 - Sheffield Telegraph - Sheffield station is tops ... Lord Adonis
1 April 09 Minister Geoff Hoon's reply to Notice of Motion
19 Mar 09 Jake Kelly's response to Ian Auckland
13 Mar 09 Martin Griffiths' response to Terry Gallagher
6 Mar 09 RASC secretary Terry Gallagher's letter to Martin Griffiths - Stagecoach(EMT)
Mar 09 Paul Scriven Mar 2009
3 Mar 09 Council Notice of Motion(cc Geoff Hoon)
2 Mar 09 Lib Dems March 2009
27 Feb 09 Demonstration
Feb 09 Greens Feb 2009 and
10 Feb 09 Councillor Ian Auckland's letter from the working group to EMT (Jake Kelly)
9 Feb 09 The City Council's on-line form shows over 2000 votes, with around 96% against gating.
17 Nov 08 Sheffield Star 17/11/08: Station footbridge row concessions
Oct 08 Manor Castle Greens Oct 2008
21 Sept 08 Rethink station barrier proposals (Nov 2008)
April 08 Star April 2008